What is the hold up

no-child-left-behindWhy are we holding up? Life doesn’t (and it shouldn’t) hold up when you are falling behind. Our work doesn’t hold up when we take a break and our bodies don’t hold up to wait for our maturity.

Since elementary school, I have experienced this theory of “holding up” so that those that fell behind, can catch up.

We slow the curriculum in schools so that those that will likely never comprehend the material, can catch up.

We even financially support those that haven’t properly prepared for a viable career, thus allowing them the same quality of life as those that did.

Am I mistaken? Did I need to be held up in history? Or was Columbus on a leisurely journey? It wasn’t the California gold walk. It was called rush for a reason.

America wasn’t in an arms race because we were waiting around for Russian scientists.

Carl Lewis didn’t tie nine Olympic gold medals.

And, graduate students aren’t spending precious dollars in order to get the same job as anyone else.

For some reason, this country likes to forget its history and the history of mankind, for that matter.

Since when did it become fashionable to hold up?

Just look around, turn the TV on. The media has to write for 7th graders, they have to publish for what they now call, “the common man”. Why? Yeah, I know, money. Which suggests that the majority of people are mentally inadequate.

Perhaps so, but, in order for that to be true, it would defy human history. Which suggests the rule of 80. That as a general trend, 80 percent of the population falls within the average intelligence.

Based on that, the money argument doesn’t fully explain this. What happened? We held up. Now, people that would otherwise be fully capable of understanding complicated matters, don’t.

Society no longer makes complicated demands of the average citizens, therefore, people have regressed, or worse yet, they have lost interest in challenging one another.

And why shouldn’t they? Society will just hold up.