Tip of the week

Golf is a difficult enough game without adding mental pressure to the mix. As former Head Professional of the Village Links of Glen Ellyn, Ed Posh, told me, “I don’t know what a trap is. I looked it up and nowhere in the USGA rules guide is there any mention of such-a-thing. I’ve heard of bunkers, but traps are in a maze.”

When you convince yourself that your wayward shot is buried in a trap, there is no way you will get out and save the par. You have to stop thinking of obstacles on the course as worse than they are. Remember, you are just in the bunker, as if you were in the rough. If you think of it strategically, you can play it strategically.

According to Village Links Assistant Head Golf Professional, Michael Campbell, “you have to focus on the simple things. With a bunker shot, I focus on maintaing my club-head speed as I drive the [club] face through the ball.”

Photo by Scott Kitun

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